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Beer, Beef & Booooooocce Feast

The 11th Annual B B & B Feast is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Meadow Point. Bring your favorite dish to share & serving utensil. The entree will be BBQ Tri Tip and the hosts will provide Beef, Beer, Wine, Soda, Water & Rolls.

There will be tables, chairs & eating utensils for your use. 4PM Bar B Que


Bocce & Horse Shoes Sign-ups ($1 Entry Fee) at 12 Noon–Games Begin: MUST be Present at 1PM

Any questions… contact Nita or Orrin at 209-327-4376 (

Abandoned Boats…….

On May 24th the Department of Boating & Waterways removed the last two boats that had sunk in the storms of 2006. A 28′ Blue & White wood Chris Craft sunk in the area where Tim Hardwick had camped & Meadowites cleaned-up the site. The other hull was a 20′ White Fiberglass I/O which had floated up side down around the far end west of the Meadows. A  very large crane with barge removed the boats and debris.  See photo.

Water Hyacinth……..

Spraying of the Hyacinth was scheduled for the Meadows/Snodgrass Slough the week of June 6 th  However, the wind curtailed this activity.  New date TBD

Egeria treatment for the Meadows Anchorage has not been scheduled to date. It is important that you continue to complain. Please call 1-888-326-2822 or email State Parks at

Meadows Anchorage……

As of June 6th there are 15 boats at anchor in the Meadows. This number will likely go up by July 4th. There have been some boat sales since last Fall:

Half Moon Bay: Harry and Sheryl are now out of the road with their new RV.

Hair of the Dog: Wayne and Jessica are looking for a newer Gibson and are camping on their floats during the interim.

Obse$$ion: Orrin and Nita are looking for a new home on the Central California Coast. In the meantime, they are active in the Meadows with close friends Russ and Kathi.

That is all for now.  Have a good Summer.

Bill Cullen20160525_122340

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It’s Getting to Look a Lot Like…Spring!

Many thanks to Bill Cullen and Rick West for the following report:


The 2016 Season is upon us. As the weather turns to warm and sunny days, “Meadowites” begin the process of taking their floats and stuff out of winter storage. This last week a few floats have been taken out to the “Meadows” and “Lost Slough.”

Cloud 9 plans on being settled into summer anchorage on April 25, Obsession by May 1st. & Cat’s Meow by May 9th.


While much of the “water hyacinth” has died out, the “egeria” is still below the water surface.  Ranger Rick & Russ Hollett report that the State (DBW) has begun mechanical harvesting of the water hyacinth in Railroad, Locke  and the Meadows sloughs. The hyacinth is first cut by a special machine then moved to shore where it placed on the bank to dry and decompose. This is a major operation, involving two harvesters, boats and spreader. See photos below.

At the same time, spraying and harvesting began a few weeks ago in the Stockton and Brannan Loop areas.  This start time is earlier than in years past in recognition of the overall magnitude of the problem.


Every family that stays (anchors) for more than 14 consecutive days in the Sacramento County Delta requires a “Mooring Permit.” The permits can be filled out On-Line or a Hard Copy can be printed out and sent to: the Sacramento Co. Sheriff’s Marine Patrol. (Non-Emergency Phone Number is 916-875-0493).

In the Meadows (Snodgrass Slough) you can request a mooring permit for 180 day maximum starting May 1st. Your boat is subject to an actual inspection each year.

Inspection Includes:

  1. Verification of CF & Registration Information
  2. Check of MSD Sanitation System
  3. Check Fire Extinguishers
  4. Check Life Jackets
  5. Check Throw Ring

Other considerations Include: First Aid Kit,Flashing Lights, Bilge Pump Operation, Smoke/CO Detectors  (Battery Check).  If, you use a Fire Pit, Bar-B-Q etc. have a shovel  & water bucket ready for emergencies.

BTW “Layed  Back” (56′ Fun Country) sank in the WGM this past winter as a result of rear seal leaks and a non functioning bilge pump.  Say no more.

Have fun and enjoy a safe season on the water!!!!

Harvesters 4 Harvesters 1 harvester3 harvester2


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Post-Season Report

Thanks to Bill and Bonnie Cullen (Cat’s Meow) for filing the following report:


As of Monday (10/26/15) all the boats and floats have moved out of the Meadows anchorage and are back to their winter moorings. There is one exception–a float that folds up is still out at the point and is losing some of its flotation.  Additionally, a “Huck Finn” float and some miscellaneous material is STILL on-shore.  As in past years, we request   that you remove ALL your stuff.  This is not our property!  We are are there only with the permission of the property owners.  Let’s not jeopardize it!


If you leave property out there it may very well be destroyed or washed away.  If the forecast pertaining to the “El Nino” is correct, the Delta could be subject to unusually heavy rains and very high tides.  In past years we have noted 10 to 12 feet of water over and above normal.   Your stuff will likely float away, possibly sink or wind up becoming a hazard to navigation.  The time is now to get it out of there!

Water Hyacinth & Algae:

The repeated treatment to manage the hyacinth was partially effective. There remains significant patches throughout the Delta with some sloughs remaining totally blocked. This last week significant patches of algae were flowing down stream. Hopefully, we won’t experience the same problems as we did last  summer.

The Egeria remains a problem for everyone and calls and/or emails to the Department of Boating & Waterways ( will go a long way toward alerting them of the continuing problem.  If there is any hope of a solution, they need to know that the issue persists and attention in early Spring of 2016 is needed.

WGM Fire:

The insurance investigation into the fire has concluded that the fire started on “Second Chance,” a Fun Country.  They are still pointing toward a propane”Dometic” refrigerator as the cause of the fire, according to WGM owner.  Three of the 14 burned boats, “Full Gainer,” “Wet Dreams” and “Barbara Ann” have been replaced.

Dave and Carla Frenznick have replaced their Fun Country with “Triple Gainer,” a 70′ Fun Country, which as been completely redone…beautiful too!

The owner of WGM is still working on replacing the burned out sheds/slips.

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Does Anyone Need a Brand New Refrigerator?

We made a little mistake when ordering our refrigerator for the new boat.  We decided to purchase an extremely energy efficient electric refrigerator instead of a propane model. (We’ve had bad luck with propane fridges, which is why we are remodeling a boat instead of enjoying the Meadows with you this season).

We purchased a stainless steel LG 26 Cu. Ft. side-by-side that only draws about 4+ amps. Only problem is that we ordered the full size instead of the counter-depth model.  We realized our mistake on Thursday evening after we wrestled the thing into the boat.  Only problem is that it sat in our garage for nearly two months and now can’t be returned.

If anyone is looking for a fridge that can run off your inverter, I’m a motivated seller.  We paid $1,500.  Here is a link: LG Fridge Specs

Capt. Dave and Admiral Carla



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Water Hyacinth Spraying Update 

The Department of Boating and Waterways resumed the spraying of Meadows hyacinth on Monday & Tuesday (7/20 & 7/21). They used an “airboat” to penetrate the deep inlets this time and spent about one hour on the far west end of the Meadows. We are not sure if they sprayed around our boats because of the wind. We’ll be able to determine if spraying occurred around the boats in about a week, when plants start to yellow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Department personnel indicated that they have until November to complete the project this year in the entire Delta.

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Beef, Beer & Bocce Saturday, June 20th

B B & B Party…..Reminder…Saturday June 20th… See You There!!!!!!!

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