You’re Invited to the “Almost 4th” Brunch

      HEAR  YE                       HEAR YE       

             COME ONE—COME ALL




    SAT.      JULY      1st      AT      10 a.m.



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12th Annual Beer, Beef & Bocce

2017 BBB

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Updated Report

The new moon is re-enforcing the tide, as flooding of the Meadow floor is into its third day with robust flows.  The Point is cutoff from the levee and trail system.  Ingress of water from the Central Park (Gero’s) and the Cloud 9 beach has caused a lake between the two. The same is occurring at the west end, where Halfmoon Bay was parked, and flowing east to behind the Foster’s spot.  The trails along the floor are not currently usable because of the water, not to mention many deadfalls across them.

Mosquito infestation is major. If you do not care to get off your boat, things are great.

Many floats were brought in last weekend and two boats are arriving today. The weekend of the 6th promises to have many arrivals. Weather has been mid 60’s with some light rain, poor solar conditions and wind to no more that 5 mph. However, being on the water has its rewards.

Rick West

Cloud 9, Meadows Anchorage


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Heads up–Meadows Anchorage Report!

Thanks to Rick West for the following report…looks like we have some work ahead.        D

Moved in 17 April and raining…

The route from marina was clear of offending vegetation. Cut in levee on Bean Patch at Cross Channel still disgorging lots of water coming down from Stone Lakes.  Second island if half gone and the north side passage is wider with a large sand bar on the north shore.  There is a tree half down across from Aides Slough entry; minor restriction and narrow’s water is all clear.

After the turn from the second island just before Doctor John’s old landing, we hit something large underwater in the center with the floats.  Moved Cloud 9 more to port and hit something again.  Both hits rocked the tow.  Please note this may become more prevalent as to water recedes and is likely to become a significant problem.

The Meadows Anchorage’s water is clear of offending vegetation.  All landings are visible with lots of debris on the shoreline. There is a large tree down in the water on the east side of the Central Park landing.  It will be an issue for the Gero’s.  The cliff-like landing for C9 has eroded, which will require the use of a new landing to the side.  No other boats are here and no fishermen in sight.

The land-side is a disaster.  This is our 44th year here and I have never seen it this bad. Deadfall and remains of floating debris litters all areas along the shoreline trail.  The trail is also blocked from falling trees up to 30” in diameter and mud covers everything.  The number of chainsaw stops to clear this trail will hit about 30 and some of the large stuff will require a new trail cut around to pass.  The fruit orchard is 30% of what it was.

All landings have major debris ashore and at the shoreline. There are signs of encampments on the levee at the Point, in the Point, The Beach, Central Park and C9’s park.  Lots of trash litter and camping remains were observed. Both bocce ball courts have been cannibalized and nothing is usable at the Beach but the horseshoe pits.  The  was 20’ high burn pile at C9 is now gone and strewn for hundreds of feet around.  There is standing water near most landings or mud sinks which are not drying as the water table is at the surface or above.

The levee is the only clear walking area and there are signs the county has been here clearing trees and deadfall to make it passable.  I have not been past the Point to the bridge or west beyond the green gate.

I cannot visualize all this being fixed in one summer–it’s going to be a day at a time. The tractor range of operation is measured in yards and not likely to grow for a week.   Ranger work will have to be metered to enjoy the other pleasures of our boating getaway.

There is supposed to be sun this coming weekend; it has been a long winter.

Rick West

Cloud 9, Meadows Anchorage

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Reflections on Terry

Bill and Bonnie Cullen write:

Terry Rosario, a Friend to the Meadows, passed away unexpectedly on November 10 while at Folsom Memorial Hospital. He was in the hospital with pneumonia for a short time. It’s noteworthy that his lungs had been compromised years ago with “Valley Fever”.

Terry and his wife Gloria, as recreational boaters, were always there to help others.  They really stood out and helped at all the Meadows major social functions.  You may recall they lost their beautiful Chris Craft Houseboat during the devastating fire at WG Marina on January 26, 2015.

See the post below for the Obituary written by Gloria & Family.

We will all miss you Terry

Condolences can be sent to the family home at 2001 Sweet Valley Dr., El Dorado Hills, CA 95672.

Memorial Services will be held Friday, December 2, 2016 at 11:00 AM. at The Block at Lakeside Church, 755 Oak Ave. Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95762

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The Meadows Community Mourns the Passing of Terry Rosario

Terry Lee Rosario, Sr. was born in Gilroy, CA March 10, 1946, to George and Georgia Rosario.  He was summoned by the Lord on November 10, 2016, at Mercy Hospital of Folsom with his wife by his side.  He is survived by his forever-loving wife, Gloria, who he was married to for 45 years, sons; Terry Jr. and George (Gus), daughter-in-law; Shawna, 5 beautiful grandchildren; Luke, Emilie, Lindsay, Claire, and Mac.  All ten of us lived together in El Dorado Hills; a very close-knit family.  Also, through the years when family and friends experienced hardships he unselfishly took them into his home, providing a roof over their head until they could get back on their feet.

Terry served our country protecting the East Coast during the Vietnam era as an aircrew, anti-submarine warfare radioman in the United States Navy from 1965-1969.  His father taught him how to hunt in the wilderness of Colorado and he continued that tradition with his sons.  Due to his passionate, hard work for the California Department of Corrections, he ended his distinguished career as a Chief Deputy Warden.  One of his accomplishments was being an original member of the Special Emergency Response Team and later as one of its commanders.  As a youth, he raced motorcycles and later enjoyed touring the U.S. on his Harley-Davidson with his wife and biker friends.  For over 25 years, he was an avid boater on the California Delta.  He coached youth soccer, baseball, football and served as the first PTO President at Folsom High School, starting Sober Grad Night for Folsom High School graduates.  He was baptized at Lakeside Church and helped build houses for the impoverished in Mexico.

Terry’s memorial service will be held on Friday, December 2, 2016, 11:00 a.m. at The Block at Lakeside Church, 755 Oak Avenue Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95762.  He will be missed by the entire Meadows community.

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Meadows News Update

Beer, Beef & Booooooocce Feast

The 11th Annual B B & B Feast is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Meadow Point. Bring your favorite dish to share & serving utensil. The entree will be BBQ Tri Tip and the hosts will provide Beef, Beer, Wine, Soda, Water & Rolls.

There will be tables, chairs & eating utensils for your use. 4PM Bar B Que


Bocce & Horse Shoes Sign-ups ($1 Entry Fee) at 12 Noon–Games Begin: MUST be Present at 1PM

Any questions… contact Nita or Orrin at 209-327-4376 (

Abandoned Boats…….

On May 24th the Department of Boating & Waterways removed the last two boats that had sunk in the storms of 2006. A 28′ Blue & White wood Chris Craft sunk in the area where Tim Hardwick had camped & Meadowites cleaned-up the site. The other hull was a 20′ White Fiberglass I/O which had floated up side down around the far end west of the Meadows. A  very large crane with barge removed the boats and debris.  See photo.

Water Hyacinth……..

Spraying of the Hyacinth was scheduled for the Meadows/Snodgrass Slough the week of June 6 th  However, the wind curtailed this activity.  New date TBD

Egeria treatment for the Meadows Anchorage has not been scheduled to date. It is important that you continue to complain. Please call 1-888-326-2822 or email State Parks at

Meadows Anchorage……

As of June 6th there are 15 boats at anchor in the Meadows. This number will likely go up by July 4th. There have been some boat sales since last Fall:

Half Moon Bay: Harry and Sheryl are now out of the road with their new RV.

Hair of the Dog: Wayne and Jessica are looking for a newer Gibson and are camping on their floats during the interim.

Obse$$ion: Orrin and Nita are looking for a new home on the Central California Coast. In the meantime, they are active in the Meadows with close friends Russ and Kathi.

That is all for now.  Have a good Summer.

Bill Cullen20160525_122340

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